Rain, rain…

Despite drenching rains — and almost 12 inches this month — our area has not yet reached the historical average of 48 inches, October through May (mostly). We still have some months to go, but in the past rains have concentrated in December, January, and February.

Feels like they’ve all concentrated on February. We had a few glorious days of sunshine last week. Now we’re in the midst of a torrential downpour. The creek’s up, way up; but we’ve seen it higher.

Not a disaster for our spring farming plans by any means. I know that Doug Mosel is having to put off winter grain sowing due to the rains. But our land is well drained, often too well drained; and we’re planning to head outdoors in the near future to plant.

In the meantime, we’re still working in our hoophouses, planting and harvesting salad greens, Asian greens, and occasional turnips and radishes. We have beets in flats, but it’s just too cold to get beets going, even with the days lengthening steadily.

Meanwhile, the goats enjoyed a few days out in pasture; now they’re confined to quarters. Voluntarily. They hate the rain. And Sara and Thea just hauled out weeks’ worth of soggy hay, left over from feedings throughout the last, long rainy spell.

We’re expecting five or six more days of rain, confined to the house at the moment, tending to things like websites. But look for us at market every week with a table full of greens and other goodies. The table full will grow higher, week by week. But for now, be sure to come early.

— Michael, 2/25/19

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