About Us

We are a five-acre community farm located about 130 miles north of San Francisco, near the town of Willits, in a small valley nestled in the beautiful, low mountains of the coastal range and just an hour from the spectacular Mendocino coast.  What originated as an extended family farm has now grown into a semi-intentional community of nine adults and three children.  Most every day we are just plain grateful to be here and work joyfully and contentedly to shrink our ecological footprint, heal the land, and improve it’s productivity, while trying to incorporate permaculture, biodynamic, bio-intensive and regenerative principles into our farm development. We have been working more than a decade to rebuild and develop this beautiful old farm, with apple, pear, plum, and walnut orchards, a couple of small vineyards, lots of wild blackberries, and now several vegetable gardens, hoophouses, the beginnings of a food forest and a medicinal herb garden. We grow fruit, vegetables and herbs using traditional organic and no-till methods for farmers markets, our roadside stand, and some restaurants and retail stores. We also have a small herd of goats, whose rich milk gives us cheese, kefir and yogurt. We raise winter vegetables in two production high tunnels and under row cover.  And we gather and grow medicinal herbs to make medicines for ourselves and others.

Organic Certification

Green Uprising Farm is a member of the Mendocino Organic Network and has Mendocino Renegade certification.  Mendocino Renegade is an organization of local farmers that have developed standards and procedures for the production of high quality biologically farmed food.  All members are reviewed by the Certifying Committee.  For more information on the standards and procedures required by Mendocino Renegade Certification see:  http://www.mendocinorenegade.com/