The Farm Community

We have learned that trying to live and grow food in an ecologically conscious way that deepens a “right relationship” with the land often translates into the daily reality of a large amount of hard work and never enough hands to do it.  That, combined with the eagerness of a lot of wonderful people to throw their hearts and souls into the farming endeavor, and our propensity to make friends, has meant that our farm has welcomed many woofers, interns, apprentices, old friends, and fellow travellers over the years.  Many thanks to all of you for the creativity, spirit and hard work that you brought to the land, plants and animals in our little crevice of creekside valley land.

We are now transitioning toward a model that seeks to be a more intentional community.  What that means in the day-to-day is that we try to think more consciously about how we can live better together, what kind of rules make sense and what kind don’t, how we make decisions together, and how we can learn together and communicate better with each other.  Each spring/summer season we select several interns that join our community for 6 months (April through September) to work in the gardens, orchards, and dairy.  We seek people who have a serious interest and commitment to building skills for sustainable small-scale farming, dairying and homesteading.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Green Uprising Farm community or inquiring whether there are openings available for internships or to live here longer term, please read the application information.