We’re Open for the Duration!

Fresh, healthy, local food is more important to our community that ever! It is also the safest food you can choose on a variety of fronts. From the point of view of the spread of COVID-19, think of all the hands that have handled the produce, milk, meat, and processed foods you find at the supermarket! And how far those foods have traveled!

Local food is our business. We’re staying put producing food that can provide our neighbors with the nutrients we all need and that can support your immune system. We will be at Willits Farmers Market this week, and we will be opening our Farm Stand, depending on the availability of crops. The Farm Stand is self-serve, we keep it clean, and we try to provide the freshest produce when open.

Look for further notice on this site about what’s available when.

One thought on “We’re Open for the Duration!

  1. Your salad mix was outstanding. I bought some several times. I also bought and planted some of your basil seedlings, but the critters ate them just when they were ready. Must have been tasty!


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